BC Clubs

There are over 300 clubs in the province of British Columbia meeting in community centres, libraries, churches and other public places. 

Your Toastmasters journey begins here with a search for a club that fits you. Visit the "Find a Club" section on Toastmaster.org.

Types of clubs:

The Toastmasters family consists of three types of clubs:

  1. Community
  2. Corporate 
  3. Advanced 

Community clubs- Community clubs makes up the majority of Toastmasters clubs. These clubs are generally casual clubs where Toastmasters gather with a shared mission to become better communicators and leaders. 

Corporate clubs-  Corporate clubs draw membership from employees of an organization and depending on the charter may be open to non employees.

Advanced clubs-  Advanced clubs are for advanced toastmasters wishing to meet with other advanced speakers and work on their 

Club culture varies between clubs and prospective members are encouraged to visit a club multiple times to get a good grasp of the culture and vibe. 

Part of a club already?

Toastmasters are encouraged to visit different clubs, discover the whole toastmasters family and bring any inspiration from other clubs back to their home clubs.  

Start a new club:

Can't find a club near you? Find out how you can start a new club.