Strengthen Member Engagement

Strengthen Member Engagement

As members of the Club Executive (Club Officers) we are the leaders and managers of the club experience.  Well trained and prepared club officers are able to provide high quality club leadership and management and create the conditions for a thriving club.

Club officers must attend training twice per year. 

First Training: Between June 1 and August 31

Second Training: Between December 1 and February 28

Here you will find some very important tools to chart your club's success. 

"Moments of Truth" should be conducted twice a year and it will help you discover how your club is doing with guests and new members.

The "Club Success Plan" is something that every new Club Officer Team should create at the first of the year and revisit monthly to track their progress.




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You can present this program to your club to create an awareness how your club performs in various aspects of the member experience. Areas include:

  • First Impressions
    Are guests welcomed into a positive and professional environment that entices them to join?
  • Membership Orientation
    Do members get mentorship and help establishing growth goals?
  • Fellowship, Variety, and Communication
    Is the club environment fun, friendly, and supportive? 
  • Program Planning and Meeting Organization
    Are meetings well-prepared with rich and varied content?
  • Membership Strength
    Does the club attract and retain enough members to have healthy club operations?
  • Achievement Recognition
    Do members get recognition for their achievements to encourage further both their and the club's growth?
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The Distinguished Club Program (DCP) is a set of goals for clubs to meet that ultimately indicate club strength. They are divided into Education, Membership, and Administrative objectives. Toastmasters is all about the member experience; clubs bringing strong value to their members have their effort reflected in the DCP points accumulated throughout the year, because members of these clubs are completing manuals and receiving recognition, and the clubs are continually growing and improving.

The club executive should regularly review the club DCP progress paired with Moments of Truth to see where things are going well and what areas need more focus.

There are 10 goals in the DCP. In Pathways, to be Distinguished, your club must have:

  1. Four members complete level 1
  2. Two members complete level 2
  3. Two more members complete level 2
  4. Two members complete level 3
  5. One member complete level 4
  6. One member complete level 5
  7. Four new members
  8. Four more new members
  9. Minimum 4 club officers trained in both training periods
  10. Prompt member due payment, with the names of eight members (at least 3 renewing) for one period, and on-time submission of one club officer list
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The result of getting all 7 club officer roles trained = Something Invaluable + $75 gift certificate to spend at the TI store.
{NOTE: The '7/7 Club Officer Roles Challenge' applies to each of the two training periods (June-August and December-February). So....if your club has ALL (7 out of 7) club officer roles trained in each of the two training periods your club will receive $150 (two $75 gift certificates)}

Something Invaluable = a club that is thriving and providing the kind of Toastmasters Experience that we all signed up to have.

A quick look at clubs in our district -- -- shows a direct relationship between the number or club officers trained and the overall success of the club.

Struggling clubs - have none or just a couple club officers trained.

Thriving clubs - that reach Presidents Distinguished status - have all 7 club officer roles trained!!

So! Ask yourself "How can I help my club thrive?"

If you are a club officer then get well trained for your role at one of the training sessions being offered throughout July and August. See the bottom of this page for dates and locations.

If you are a club member who wants to be in a thriving club then ask your club executives if they have been to training. If the answer is NO then encourage them to attend because you want the club to be well run and thriving throughout the year!

Oh yes......on top of the Something Invaluable.....your club will receive a $75 gift certificate to spend at the TI store if all 7 of your club officers attend training

This Challenge is active during the two Club Officer training periods (from June 1st to August 31st and from December 1st to February 28th)

Thank you EVERYONE for your commitment to your club's success for the coming year!


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