ASK Advanced Speakers Dinner Meeting

Bollywood Masala! Wear your Saari or your Nehru suit
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ASK Advanced Speakers Dinner Meeting

Theme: "Bollywood Malsala!"

Wear your Saari or your Nehru suit and join us for a evening of exotic food and fellowship

Date: Friday, March 9, 2018  (Rescheduled from Friday, February 23 due to snow)

Time:  Gather at 6:00 pm.  Meeting begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 9:00 pm.

      NOTE:  This is an earlier start time due to PATHWAYS Presentation, and a full Toastmasters meeting.

Location:  Indian Bombay Bistro, 7558 6th Street, Burnaby.

Cost: $25.00


(1) Vegetables Pakora   (Fresh cut vegetables dipped in homemade sauce & deep fried), or

(2) Chicken Tikka    (Marinated pieces of chicken in spices and yogurt, then put on skewers and baked in a tandoor), or

(3) Seekh Kebab    (Tender minced lamb & beef, flavored with fresh herbs & grilled in our tandoor oven)

ENTREE:  Everyone will get the following four dishes:

- Mixed Vegetable Curry (Carrots, potatoes, bell peppers, cauliflowers, tomatoes & green peas cooked in homemade sauce)

- Dal Makhani  (Lentils cooked with onions, tomatoes & spices)

- Butter Chicken (Boneless chicken marinated in a special sauce, cooked in a rich tomato cream gravy with cashews & nuts)

- Lamb Curry  (Boneless lamb cooked in traditional sauces & spices)

**For Vegetarians another vegetarian dish will be substituted.

Naan (Bread)

Raita  (Homemade yogurt with herbs & spices)

Salad  (Tomatoes, onions, cucumber & green chilies)

DESSERT (Choices):

(1) Galan Jamun  (Pastry balls made with milk & deep fried in sugar syrup), or

(2) Ras Malai  (Homemade cheese patty dressed in sweet cream with cold pistachios)

**Restaurant has been advised to keep everything mild (spice). Please advise us of any food allergies or any other dietary needs.**

Contact: Taj Toor at or Veronica Armstrong at to submit your Menu choices and if you have any questions.

RSVP with your Menu choices.

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