Division J-Burnaby-Club Officer Training

Training held at Best Buy Canada Headquarters

Room 262 - Stanley Park Boardroom

8800 Glenlyon Parkway

Burnaby, BC

Time:  12pm - 1:30pm

Here's what you get:

  • 7/7 Trained challenge: When all 7 of your club officers are trained, the District Admin Manager will send you $75 USD gift certificate to use in the Toastmasters store!
  • Get ideas/solutions for your club. Network with others in your role, make new friends from other clubs.
  • Bring some non-club officers for training too – energize, reward and encourage your high potential leaders.
  • Figure out how to get 20 members in your club, how to engage your members in Pathways… and how to keep your members having fun in your club.
  • Learn about Moments of Truth program and Club Success Plans are the easiest and fastest way to your club’s success.

Guaranteed to be worth your while!

Note:  Please do not bring peanuts or nut products to the meeting due to risk of severe allergic reactions.  Your cooperation in this matter is much appreciated.

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