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There are almost 150 clubs in District 96 of Toastmasters International. District 96 covers about half of the province of British Columbia. Our members meet and learn in club venues as diverse as corporations, community centers, libraries and other public spaces.

Toastmasters has various types of clubs:

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Community clubs

Community clubs make up the majority of Toastmasters clubs and are generally where new Toastmasters start their Toastmaster journey.

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Corporate clubs

Corporate clubs draw membership from the employees of the corporation. Depending on the corporations policy a corporate club may be open to non employees.

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Advanced clubs

Advanced clubs offer advanced toastmasters a learning environment where they can meet and learn from others. Often an advanced club specializes in a particular area of public speaking such as Speech Evaluations, Speech Competitions or Professional Speaking.

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Advanced Clubs


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Online clubs

Toastmasters International has a number of clubs around the world that conduct their meeting entirely online.

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Online clubs


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Hybrid clubs

Hybrid club are clubs that conduct their meeting with some members attending the meeting in-person and others attending online.

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Club culture varies between clubs. Prospective members should visit multiple clubs to assess how the clubs culture and vibe fits with their personality and learning style. To find the Toastmaster clubs near you visit the "Find a Club" section on

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Visiting other clubs is a rewarding experience. You will discover the many ways that Toastmasters meeting are conducted, be inspired by what you see and hear and bring back new ideas to enhance your home clubs member experience.

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Club Club Number Area Divison
100 Success Toastmasters Club 5704588 Area T78 Division T
A on Speaking 5158092 Area N74 Division N
Absolutely Toasted 1134527 Area N70 Division N
AC/DC Toastmasters 2451503 Area J85 Division J
Achievers Toastmasters Club 4560 Area D42 Division D
ACL Transforming 3078055 Area N74 Division N
Advanced Aurators (AA) 1709 Area T75 Division T
Advanced Leaders Lab (ALL) 3193346 Area H72 Division H
Advanced Speakers Club (ASK) 4589 Area B21 Division B
Aplomb Success KPMG GVA 5333636 Area N70 Division N
autoTOASTERS Club 6978222 Area J85 Division J
Babylon Business Booster 6716038 Area S26 Division S
BCSC Talking Watchdogs Club 8454 Area T79 Division T
Be Amazing 5700655 Area J85 Division J
Beachcombers Advanced 1494034 Area H73 Division H
Best Run Toastmasters Club 1588549 Area T75 Division T
Blue Heron Toastmasters 1503295 Area M94 Division M
Broadway Tech Centre Toastmasters (BTC) 7237035 Area J84 Division J
Bulkley Valley Club Smithers 2293 Area D45 Division D
Burnaby Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club 5265003 Area J86 Division J
Burnaby Mountain Toastmasters Club 5989 Area M81 Division M
Burnaby Refinery Avid Talkers 5429106 Area M81 Division M
Burnaby Toasters Club 3872 Area J87 Division J
Burrard Toastmasters Club 1892 Area S26 Division S
Cariboo Club 786 Area D42 Division D
Centennial Toastmasters Club 6456 Area B20 Division B
Chatr - Blocks 4543721 Area T75 Division T
Chip Chat Toastmasters Club 783215 Area M81 Division M
City Centre Toastmasters Club 9164 Area D42 Division D
City of the Arts 1017095 Area M90 Division M
Clever Toastmasters Action Bunch 6016172 Area S25 Division S
Cloverleaf Toastmasters Club 2769 Area S24 Division S
Club Kaizen 6096841 Area B21 Division B
Coastmasters 6495600 Area H73 Division H
Community Impact Speakers 813114 Area J85 Division J
Community North Advanced 2741808 Area D41 Division D
Competitive Speakers Vancouver 4439367 Area J87 Division J
Connaught City Hall 4328 Area B22 Division B
Crystal Clear Speakers Club 1612 Area M81 Division M
Declarations Toastmasters Club 4548 Area S27 Division S
District Dialoguers Club 6127 Area H69 Division H
Douglas Toastmasters 2279512 Area J80 Division J
Downtown Coquitlam TM Club 3337150 Area M92 Division M
Downtown Xpress Club 8844 Area S24 Division S
Dunsmuir Power Presenters 2356080 Area S25 Division S
Earth Aware Toastmasters Club 8237 Area B22 Division B
Easy Speakers 2837872 Area B22 Division B
Evergreen Speakers 1847503 Area M92 Division M
Exan Express Toastmasters Club 5685162 Area M92 Division M
Fluor Vancouver Speakers 1481452 Area N71 Division N
FortiMasters 1254308 Area J86 Division J
Friendship Club 1734 Area H69 Division H
Fyrebyrde Toastmasters Club 8051 Area B21 Division B
Glenlyon Toastmasters 2945976 Area J85 Division J
Global Leaders 2790254 Area T75 Division T
Gold Speak Toastmasters 3262638 Area 54 Division L
Golden Ears Christian Toastmasters 3050928 Area M94 Division M
Golden Speakers Club 9517 Area J84 Division L
Harbourside Toastmasters 1394336 Area H72 Division H
Headliners Toastmasters 1529129 Area S25 Division S
HSBC Talkmasters @ 885 5820768 Area S24 Division S
HSBC Toastmasters - Speaking For Success 822550 Area N77 Division N
Incognitoast 3209571 Area S25 Division S
Intact Vancouver Toastmasters Club 6625818 Area S25 Division S
ITD Canada Toastmasters 6949640 Area T78 Division T
Just Pros Toastmasters 1703259 Area J80 Division J
Kerrisdale Toastmasters Club 2460 Area B20 Division B
Kwik Witted Linguists 1872116 Area J85 Division J
Langara Toastmasters Club 6829401 Area B20 Division B
Lincoln Toastmasters Club 6399 Area M94 Division M
Logos Toastmasters Club 9412 Area H76 Division H
Marpole Community Toastmasters Club 4812 Area B20 Division B
Metro Speakers Club 4371 Area J86 Division J
Midnight Sun Toastmasters 5997390 Area T97 Division T
Mile 0 Communicators Toastmasters Club 647256 Area D42 Division D
Morningstars Toastmasters Club 1248 Area H73 Division H
Mountain Spirit Whistler TM Club 8376 Area H76 Division H
Nechako Toastmasters 2046 Area D45 Division D
Network Hub Toastmasters 3334989 Area S26 Division S
Night Vision Toastmasters Club 8139 Area B22 Division B
North Shore Toastmasters 1085 Area H76 Division H
Northern Voices Toastmasters Club 614952 Area T97 Division T
Oceanic Plaza Toastmasters 1410465 Area N77 Division N
Pacific Spirit Toastmasters Club 2938 Area N74 Division N
PARAKEETS Toastmasters Club 1827173 Area J87 Division J
PHSA Toastmasters 3697288 Area 54 Division L
Plaza 400 Toastmasters Club 6252 Area D42 Division D
PMI Vancouver Toastmasters 1378547 Area J87 Division J
Positive Expressions Club 5501 Area T78 Division T
Positive Thinkers Toastmasters 3922 Area T79 Division T
Positively Speaking Club 8116 Area M94 Division M
Power Speakers Club 6907 Area J80 Division J
Pretty Good Talkers 3222965 Area S27 Division S
Prince George Toastmasters 3081 Area D41 Division D
Prince Rupert Toastmasters Club 4386472 Area D45 Division D
Quay Speakers Toastmasters Club 6155 Area H72 Division H
Quesnel Toastmasters Club 3197 Area D41 Division D
Racquenteurs Club 9740 Area B21 Division B
Roadsters Club 692859 Area J87 Division J
Robson Valley Toastmasters Club 8904 Area D41 Division D
Rocky Point Club 7743 Area M90 Division M
Royal-T 8988 Area N71 Division N
Salsa Speakers Club 4931 Area J84 Division L
Sea To Sky Toastmasters 4111115 Area H76 Division H
Seymour Speakers Club 7239 Area N77 Division N
SFU Beedie Toastmasters 6655875 Area N71 Division N
SNC-Lavalin Vancouver Toastmasters 3924503 Area N71 Division N
Solar Speaks Toastmasters Club 4580673 Area J84 Division L
Speak it Forward 6556152 Area J84 Division L
Speak Your Mind (SYM) 813938 Area T79 Division T
Speakeasy Club 5818 Area J86 Division J
Speakerhub Club 322 Area H69 Division H
Speakers Of The House Toastmasters Club 6218 Area J84 Division L
Speech Remedy 2325592 Area S27 Division S
Speechless Club 8650 Area N70 Division N
Spoken Word Toastmasters 1086799 Area J87 Division J
Spruce Capital Club 2171 Area D41 Division D
St. Paul's Toastmasters 4809564 Area T78 Division T
Stimulight Toastmasters Club 5449 Area M81 Division M
Sundogs Toastmasters Club 4476 Area T97 Division T
Sunshine Toastmasters 5403 Area H73 Division H
Talk of the Town 605658 Area M90 Division M
Teekay Toasters 4852190 Area B22 Division B
Telespeakers Club 2328 Area J86 Division J
Terrace Toastmasters Club 6062 Area D45 Division D
The RJC Toastmasters Club 4992745 Area B21 Division B
Tillicum Toastmasters 3435 Area J80 Division J
Toast'teryx 3429039 Area H72 Division H
Toolbox Talks 1549846 Area N77 Division N
Top Story Advanced 992549 Area M92 Division M
Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce 4801014 Area M90 Division M
University Staff Toastmasters Club 1816260 Area B23 Division B
Vancity Toastmasters 848879 Area S24 Division S
Vancore Toastmasters 2149 Area N70 Division N
Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club 982012 Area S26 Division S
Vancouver Mandarin Learners 3134398 Area T79 Division T
Vancouver Speakers and Leaders 973 Area N74 Division N
Vancouver Toastmasters Club 59 Area B23 Division B
Velvet Tongues 3271942 Area L82 Division L
VTS Orators Toastmasters 4961 Area N71 Division N
Walter Gage Toastmasters Club 3169 Area B23 Division B
Well-Spoken Professionals (WSP) Toastmasters Club 3638388 Area T78 Division T
Williams Lake Toastmasters 4411348 Area D41 Division D
Wordy Persons 3584463 Area L83 Division L