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Club Coach

Coaching is the process of guiding and encouraging team members to achieve superior performance and results.  To perform effectively, team members need to know what is expected of them.

Specifically, they need to know:

  • What they are supposed to do.
  • Why they are supposed to do it.
  • How they are supposed to do it.
  • How well they are expected to do it.
  • How well they are doing.

A coach’s responsibility is to provide team members with the direction and feedback they need.  Specifically, a coach:


Club DCP Summary Grid

In February 2014, the District 21 LGET Gene Vickers decided to try something new.

He compiled a list of all of the District 21 clubs and then coloured each of them according to their level of DCP project. He then wrote individual customized notes for each club outlining what he suggested to them. He called this the "Change Your Colour" contest with the idea being that the club, by increasing their DCP score would also shift their associated colour.


Club Mentor

Each new club may have up to two mentors who are appointed by the District Governor. Mentors need to be experienced Toastmasters who actually join the new club, providing guidance during the first six months to one year of the new club’s existence. The mentor receives a certificate and credit toward their Advanced Leader (AL) award after they return their “Get Credit” form.



Club Sponsor

A club sponsor helps start a new club. Each new club may have up to two sponsors.

The sponsor is responsible for organizing the new club, including selling the new club idea to prospective members; helping to set up regular meetings, completing paperwork, and planning the charter presentation. Sponsors receive a certificate and credit toward the Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) award OR towards a Pathways DTM after their return the “Get Credit” form. 


Distinguished Club Program (DCP)

The Distinguished Club Program (DCP) is a set of goals for clubs to meet that ultimately indicate club strength. They are divided into Education, Membership, and Administrative objectives. Toastmasters is all about the member experience; clubs bringing strong value to their members have their effort reflected in the DCP points accumulated throughout the year, because members of these clubs are completing manuals and receiving recognition, and the clubs are continually growing and improving.


How to add your Club to Google Maps

Adding your club to Google Maps is quick and easy and is an excellent way to increase your club's exposure and will show up in Google Map search results.

(Based on a presentation by Donald Law, 2019-2020 Division J Director)

Before you start

Step 1: Is your club already listed on Google Maps?

Search Google Maps to see if your Toastmasters Club is already online.

If not, you can “Add a missing place.”


How to Build a Toastmasters Club

Congratulations on your exciting decision to start a Toastmasters club. Because of dedicated people like you, more than 1,000 new Toastmasters clubs are chartered each year and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are becoming more successful communicators and leaders. In deciding to start a club, you have taken on an important leadership role. Ralph Smedley believed that people can discover their latent leadership talents by participating in the regular activities of a Toastmasters club.


Moments of Truth

You can present this program to your club to create an awareness how your club performs in various aspects of the member experience. Areas include:


Planning For Your Clubs Success


The Results are in for the 7/7 Club Officers Challenge

Congratulations to the 37 clubs that got all 7 of their club officers trained!!!


Every Division in District 96 has at least one club that got all 7 of their club officers trained!

The $75 gift certificate - for achieving this - will be mailed to the club President in late September and early October.