District 96 Leadership History

District Leadership



District Director: Paul Rostagno, DTM

Program Quality Director: Luzena Dumercy

Club Growth Director: Jim Heeren

Public Relations Manager: Melody Helleouet

Finance Manager: Yolanda Li

Admin Manager: Yuriria Lanza

Logistics Manager: Ahmed Hussain



District Director: ‎Lily Laverton, DTM

Program Quality Director: Paul Rostagno, DTM

Club Growth Director: Michael Gurney, DTM

Public Relations Manager: Charito Kaay

Finance Manager: Yolanda Li

Admin Manager: Mark Hurrell

Logistics Manager: Ahmed Hussein



District Director: ‎Mimi Vanderhiede, DTM

Program Quality Director: Lily Laverton, DTM

Club Growth Director: Warren Braithwaite

Public Relations Manager: Tu Long


2020 - 2021

District Director: ‎Carole Murphy, DTM

Program Quality Director: Mimi Vanderhiede, DTM

Club Growth Director: Lily Laverton, DTM

Public Relations Manager: Janice Parkinson


2019 - 2020

District Director: ‎Louisa Davis, DTM

Program Quality Director: Carole Murphy, DTM

Club Growth Director: Mimi Vanderhiede, DTM

Public Relations Manager: Jamak Galshani


2018 - 2019

District Director: ‎Eleanor Kroeger, DTM

Program Quality Director: Rodney Denno, DTM / (Oct) Louisa Davis, DTM

Club Growth Director: Camilo Reyes, DTM / (March) Mimi Vanderheide, DTM

Public Relations Manager: Neil Booth


2017 - 2018

District Director: Lydia Burchell, DTM

Program Quality Director: ‎Eleanor Kroeger, DTM

Club Growth Director: Vladimira Horvathova, DTM

Public Relations Manager: Rodney Denno, DTM


2016 - 2017

District Director: Kerry Deschamps, DTM

Program Quality Director: Lydia Burchell, DTM

Club Growth Director: George Harjani, DTM

Public Relations Manager: Christine Lee


2015 - 2016

District Director: Kusayla Nathan, DTM

Program Quality Director: Kerry Deschamps, DTM

Club Growth Director: Lydia Burchell, DTM

Public Relations Manager: Edward Yuen


2014 - 2015

District Governor: Gene Vickers, DTM

Lieutenant Governor Education & Training: Kusala Nathan, DTM

Lieutenant Governor Marketing: Teresa Ferris, DTM

Public Relations Officer: Stefano Cossalter, DTM

International History

The following are District 96 Toastmasters that currently serving or have served at an International level since the beginning of our district.

Margaret Page DTM

International President: August 2021 - May 2022

International President Elect: 2020 - 2021

First Vice President: 2019 - 2020

Second Vice President: 2018 - 2019

International Director: 2015 - 2017

Louisa Davis DTM

International Director: 2021 - 2024