60th anniversary

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Our club, Burrard Toastmasters, is turning 60 years old this year.

On Friday June 1st, we are holding a Diamond Jubilee (60th Anniversary) celebration.

We would like to invite you to this milestone event. There will be speeches. There will be food. There will be lots of great memories to be made.

To attend, please register by May 25th at http://www.burrardtoastmasters.com/banquet.asp.


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Tillicum Toastmasters' 60th Year Anniversary!

The celebration was awe-inspiring and showcased to members and guests, the impact that joining Toastmasters brings into your life, not just in public speaking but that it develops leadership, communication, and many other skills. During the roundtable discussions, current and past members shared the one word that invoked Tillicum to them reminded me of some of my initial reasons for joining Toastmasters – connection, friendship, family, confidence building, leadership, and Lutz’s memorable “a safe place to fall on your face”.