Adopt-a-Club Incentive


Does your club have an incredible potential and hasn’t reached it yet? Is it challenging to reach and/or keep the charter strength (20 members)? You can reach out to a club that can help you on your path to success (or a successful club can reach out to a club they can help).

What’s in it for you?

Struggling club:
- Achieve a distinguished status or higher.
- Enjoy quality meetings, stronger and deeper member experience.


New Club Leads


Do you remember your first Toastmasters meeting? How much have you learned since then? Did Toastmasters help you with your public speaking skills, social life, or even finding a new job?


In District 96, we have many opportunities to extend this life-changing experience to new communities and companies. As of today, we have 140 clubs, and we’d like to grow our Toastmasters family.


Ideas for clubs:


  • Corporate clubs