Club DCP Summary Grid

In February 2014, the District 21 LGET Gene Vickers decided to try something new.

He compiled a list of all of the District 21 clubs and then coloured each of them according to their level of DCP project. He then wrote individual customized notes for each club outlining what he suggested to them. He called this the "Change Your Colour" contest with the idea being that the club, by increasing their DCP score would also shift their associated colour.


Club, Area, Division and District Statistics

Detailed real-time reports that give lots of insights into the status of all Clubs, Areas, Divisions and District in the Toastmasters world.



Toastmasters International Report


The Raffety Report

(created by Mike Raffety, DTM)



Evaluate? Evaluate. Evaluate!

Originally published By Rodney Denno, DTM

“If I could give one piece of advice to members, it would be this: Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate.”


-- Presiyan Vasilev, 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking

Mini Pathways Evaluation Forms

These Mini Pathways Evaluation Forms  are for individual feedback from members to club speakers.

This form can be used by all your club members to evaluate all your speakers. These are the evaluations for the first four speeches in Pathways Level 1. Simply print and cut them in quarters, then share these with your members at every meeting. The paper evaluations will allow members to get familiar with Pathways Level 1 evaluations.