Golden Speakers Toastmasters Club Picnic

The Golden Speakers Toastmasters Picnic!
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Come join us at our annual picnic on 4th August 2021 for a taste of how we operate as a club in a relaxed and open air environment! 

We are an award winning Toastmasters International club chartered since July 1993 based out of Burnaby, British Columbia 

Want to focus on leading, public speaking and learning skills? Come join us every Wednesday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM virtually!

 We will be meeting on temporary bi-weekly schedule for the summer months of July & August 2021 as follows:

  • July 7th
  • July 21st
  • Annual Summer Picnic (250 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby)
  • August 18th

Come exactly September 1st we resume weekly meetings again. Have questions or interested in joining? Please email

Toastmasters Club# 9517, Area 19, Division B, District 96, Toastmasters located in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

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