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Videos D96 SPOTLIGHT - January & February 2024

D96 SPOTLIGHT - January & February 2024

 By: Melody Helleouet  Published on: Feb 10, 2024
For the month of January & February 2024 our D96 SPOTLIGHT focuses on on Talking Titans Toastmasters Club (TTTC) at LaSalle College Vancouver. Meet Sneha, Pooja and Harkirat, Associate or Arts…

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Videos Donna Ho, DTM D96 Spotlight - December 2023 Cover Pic

D96 SPOTLIGHT - December 2023

 By: Melody Helleouet  Published on: Dec 25, 2023
For the month of December 2023, our D96 SPOTLIGHT focuses on Donna Ho, DTM, Division D Director! After a gentle follow up nudge from her very own sister who was already a Toastmaster, Donna began her…

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Videos Rob Evans, DTM D96 November 2023 Spotlight Cover Pic

D96 SPOTLIGHT - November 2023

 By: Melody Helleouet  Published on: Nov 28, 2023
For this month of November 2023, our D96 SPOTLIGHT focuses on Rob Evans, DTM our District 96 Webmaster! All the way from the Canadian East to now the West Coast, Rob has been a proud Toastmaster for…

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Videos Bob Neal D96 SPOTLIGHT October 2023 Cover Pic

D96 SPOTLIGHT - October 2023

 By: Melody Helleouet  Published on: Oct 31, 2023
For the month of October 2023, our D96 SPOTLIGHT focuses on Bob Neal who as of October 1st Celebrated 40-Years as a Toastmaster! Thanks to a job interview in 1983 that ended up being the first of…

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General A word cloud of words associated with coaching.

Be a Club Coach, Get Rewarded!

 By: Jim Heeren  Published on: Sep 29, 2023
The District is looking for enthusiastic, knowledgeable, creative members to help our clubs build their membership and become Distinguished club. Successful club coaches ear credit for their DTM…

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Videos Ray Miller D96 SPOTLIGHT September 2023 Cover Pic

D96 SPOTLIGHT - September 2023

 By: Melody Helleouet  Published on: Sep 25, 2023
For the month of September 2023, our D96 SPOTLIGHT focuses on Ray Miller, Public Awareness Chair for 2023-2024. As a Toastmaster with over 10-years of experiences and learnings to share, Ray is what…

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District 96 2022-2023 Awards Ceremony

 By: Rob Evans  Published on: Sep 22, 2023
In the world of public speaking and leadership development, Toastmasters International has long been a beacon of excellence. District 96 Toastmasters, encompassing a wide range of clubs and members,…

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General A lady celebrating

Its Dues Collection Time

 By: Jim Heeren  Published on: Sep 1, 2023
Treasurer's should be engaged in the member dues collection for the Oct-March period.  Corporate Clubs that rely on their organizations to submit dues should give sufficient time for the organization…

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Videos D96 SPOTLIGHT - August 2023 Cover Pic

D96 SPOTLIGHT - August 2023

 By: Melody Helleouet  Published on: Aug 16, 2023
For the of August 2023, our D96 SPOTLIGHT focuses on Carole Murphy, DTM, ADA12, Parliamentarian & TLI/COT Coordinator 2023-2024. With decades worth of valuable Toastmasters experience, Carole…

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Videos D96 SPOTLIGHT - September 2023

D96 SPOTLIGHT - July 2023

 By: Melody Helleouet  Published on: Jul 19, 2023
For the month of July 2023, our D96 SPOTLIGHT focuses on Christopher Chen, Division B Director. After recently completing a full term as Area B20 Director in 2022-2023, Chris shares with us his…

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Area M90 Speech Contests

 By: Carole Murphy  Published on: Feb 7, 2023
Area M90 is in need of volunteers for their upcoming Area Speech Contests on Saturday, February 18th. We need at least (4) four Judges, (2) two Counters, (1) One Timer, SAA & ZoomMaster.  Please…

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General Toastmasters Month Proclamation 2023

It turns out Toastmasters Month is for everybody

 By: Michael Gurney  Published on: Feb 1, 2023
For Toastmasters clubs in British Columbia and the Yukon, this is a month with special significance. Each year, the two westernmost districts in Canada — District 21 and District 96 — designate…

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