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District 96 2022-2023 Awards Ceremony

In the world of public speaking and leadership development, Toastmasters International has long been a beacon of excellence. District 96 Toastmasters, encompassing a wide range of clubs and members, annually gathers for a momentous event that embodies the spirit of camaraderie and growth.

The District 96 Toastmasters Annual Celebration is an inclusive affair, open to all members.…

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Its Dues Collection Time

Treasurer's should be engaged in the member dues collection for the Oct-March period.  Corporate Clubs that rely on their organizations to submit dues should give sufficient time for the organization to submit the payments on time.  Members send your dues payments today to your Treasurer's or Pay-Direct if your club has chosen this option

Area M90 Speech Contests

Area M90 is in need of volunteers for their upcoming Area Speech Contests on Saturday, February 18th.

We need at least (4) four Judges, (2) two Counters, (1) One Timer, SAA & ZoomMaster.  Please private message me on Slack, email me at or text me on my cellular at 604.219.3619.  Many thanks & kind regards, Carole Murphy, DTM PDD (Area M90 Chief Judge).

It turns out Toastmasters Month is for everybody

For Toastmasters clubs in British Columbia and the Yukon, this is a month with special significance. Each year, the two westernmost districts in Canada — District 21 and District 96 — designate February as Toastmasters Month.

Accordingly, B.C.'s Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin has issued a province-wide proclamation on behalf of King Charles III (…

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Nominations Communications and Leadership Award


One of the highlights of the District Annual Conference is the presentation of the Communications and Leadership Award, presented to an outstanding communicator or leader in the community.

Past recipients include:

 Gurdeep Pandher

Chartered Accountant Hari Varshney, CPA, FCA, O.B.C.

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