Education Session: Linh Huynh

Image of the Linha over a field in spring bloom.

Partying with Penguins: How to Silence Self-Doubt and Chase Audacious Goals

Would you go to the end(s) of the world to chase your dreams?

In this light-hearted, inter-active presentation, Linh will share the valuable life lessons she learned when she literally did just that; hop-scotching all the way from the safety of her home in Calgary, first to the North Pole and then to the South Pole to run marathons and to party with the penguins at the finish line. 

Linh knows first-hand that sometimes in life your greatest obstacles are your own negative voices and limiting beliefs. You want to try something new or to bloom and grow but self-doubts hold you back and scare you.

Linh will show you how to go from being mildly engaged to full of wonder, from a tad bit complacent to a whole lot courageous, from vaguely satisfied to overflowing with joy. Once you reach a certain state of wonder and learn to be courageous, you too can step up to the starting line, let loose, and feel the joy of partying with the penguins.

Linh's education session will show you how to: 

  1. Overcoming uncertainty when trying something new.
  2. Embracing tenacity and pushing through obstacles and self-doubt (no matter how often they come up).
  3. Tapping into what it takes to get started and motivated.
  4. Using a 5-step framework to march towards a big, scary goal – now! 


Linh Huynh (Pronounced: Lin Win – no wonder it rhymes!) is a curiosity-igniter, award-winning writer, professional motivational speaker, educator, and an extreme non-athlete with an embarrassingly overflowing trophy cabinet. She was literally born on the run when her family had to flee Vietnam and become the Boat People refugees. Before Canada welcomed her parents, they had to undertake a long and arduous journey but what they brought along was priceless; Linh and her positive and resilient mindset!

Incredibly, Linh has completed the Antarctic Ice Marathon, the North Pole Marathon and the 4Deserts: a series of four ultra-marathons of 250 km each in the hottest, windiest, driest deserts of the world.

No wonder, her marvelous TEDx Talk is called “Rethinking Limits”. She is the author of an upcoming memoir “Luckpusher”.

Linh’s mission is to inspire people to “think outside the blahs” to create a life less ordinary. In other words, to help people find the courage to chase big, audacious goals.

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