TLI and Club Officer Training

TLI and Club Officer Training
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Sneak Peek:

December is all about contests!This TLI will focus on:

  • Judges training
  • Helpful information for contestants

(Stay tuned for more updates and agenda)

Club Officer Training will start at 12:30 pm - bring your team - a team that plays together wins together

Reasons to attend round 2:

Trained club officers translate into a club’s ultimate success.


  • Connect, collaborate and share with your peers
  • Brainstorm on how you can grow in your position and as a leader
  • Get input from your peers on any club's challenges you may have
  • Share successes and best practices
  • Get energized, inspired, and raring to go for the 2nd half of the year, to finish strong

All members deserve to be in a thriving club and have a rich Toastmasters experience. As a club officer you have the important role in helping to create this.

Attend this virtual live Training to receive credit for your role. Bring all your club officers, it’s a great learning opportunity and gives credit toward the Distinguished Club Program.

Make the most out of your Toastmasters experience and bring your learnings back to your club to provide everyone the BEST Toastmaster Experience possible. Seriously folks - REGISTER NOW


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