D96 Workshop Series

D96 Workshop Series
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Online workshops continue through July and into the future. 

Currently scheduled for Sunday afternoon at 2PM in July are:

July 5th  Jamak Golshani  Your Voice to Millions -

A workshop series for speakers & coaches who have a message to share with millions through the internet


Social media alone is only a piece of the marketing puzzle. In this series of workshops, Jamak will cover some major topics in digital marketing for a successful marketing campaign. People tend to get discouraged when they put one or a few pieces of the puzzle in play and, consequently, do not see results. 

Jamak will introduce some basic marketing strategies and principles to help you understand how to promote your club or other organizations you may be involved with.  This is the first of a series of workshops to be offered once a month over the next several months. 

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July 12: Gene Vickers: Become the Maestro of the Symphony:  Running a Demo Meeting and Chartering a Club

75 Minutes (2 PM to appox. 3:30 PM allowing for announcements)

Creating a new Toastmasters Club can be a special opportunity for you, your Area and especially your District.  Create long lasting friends, enhance your leadership skills and take one huge step in becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster.  Attend this session and enter a journey where you will become the Maestro of the Symphony.  You will learn best practices in how to run a seamless Demo meeting and Charter a club where it appears to be effortless. 

Who should consider attending this meeting?  Area Directors / Division Directors / District Leaders / Any Toastmaster who would like to enhance their leadership skills 

Take this special journey and become the Maestro of the Symphony

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July 19 and 26th are currently unbooked.  


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