Train Your Members

Your existing members already know how amazing Toastmasters can be - leverage their experience by encouraging them to bring guests to meetings! Pair with the membership building contests.

Bringing Guests

Try hosting an educational that demonstrates different ways you can introduce Toastmasters to their peers at work or in their personal lives. You can remind everyone of the elevator pitch, and also reference paper or digital channels to invite guests to attend (eg. email).

Handling Guests

You've got some executives that are responsible to greet and make sure your guests are comfortable and invited to join. What if they don't come to a meeting, or are busy with other guests or tasks? It'd be nice if your members would naturally welcome newcomers and make sure they've been taken care of.

Try hosting an educational that explains how to greet guests and what they should be told. Eg:

  1. That they are in the right place.
  2. That they may be asked to introduce themselves, participate in Tabletopics, or provide feedback at the end of the meeting.
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Sunday, April 8, 2018