What is the Member Progress Card?

The "member progress card" is an organizational tool meant for the Vice-President of Education of a Toastmasters Club. It provides a means for members, mentors, and the Vice-President of Education to:

  1. keep track of member goals and progress;
  2. communicate with the member;
  3. help a member to organize their own club progress and submit Pathways awards;
  4. allows a member to schedule and document the dates of their club speeches;
  5. allows the VP of Education to receive emails notifications about changes to the card made by the member (i.e. changes to their progress)

The card is fully customizable, extendable, downloadable, shareable, printable, and syncable with other tabs in this spreadsheet. Click the "Sample" tab below to switch to the Member Progress Card template.

Last modified
Wednesday, January 22, 2020