Community Outreach

There are many communities around you that would benefit from Toastmasters, such as:

  • High Schools and Universities
  • Libraries
  • Workplaces and Networking Events
  • Shopping Centers
  • Farmer’s Markets, Fairs and Trade Shows
  • Parades

Talk with your Club Executive or Area or Division Director or the District 96 Public Relations Manager (PRM) to find out how District 96 can advise and support you in your community outreach efforts. Here are some face-to-face ways you can be visible in your community and drum up interest:

Offer Events

  • Speech Craft
  • Gavel Club
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Host Classes
  • Open Houses

Present Externally

  • Speak at an Event
  • Present At Other Group Meetings / Events
  • Registration Fairs
  • Proclamations

Volunteer & Be Active

  • Partner with Libraries & Community Centers
  • Street & Cultural Festivals
  • Volunteer in the Community
  • Parade (Santa Clause, Canada Day...)