Guidelines: Get Started with Online Club Meetings

Online meetings are essentially the same as regular meetings with the exception of some protocols and technical equipment. These are addressed in this document. If you have any questions or need further assistance, contact your club or district officers.

Choosing an online platform

If you are a corporate club, your company should already have an account with an online meeting platform.

For community clubs, district 96 has a zoom account that you may be able to use. Check with your club or district officers.

Getting started

You’ll need a computer with a camera or at least a smartphone. Computers are easier to work with but a phone will do if you’re stuck. You may need headphones if there’s an echo with your sound. Some people also prefer headphones for better sound quality.

First time with an online meeting

Before your online meeting, you’ll need to have the software downloaded. If it’s zoom, you can sign up for free. Get help with one of your club officers or members if needed.

You’ll be sent a zoom invitation which will have the meeting link and a password. Copy the password then click on the link a few minutes before the meeting. (Whomever is in charge of the online meetings should send a recurring calendar appointment as well as a link and password to the meeting the day of each meeting.)

Follow the instructions and they will get you to the meeting.

Online protocols

Before starting, the person in charge of the meeting should:

  • Have the speakers for the evening email their evaluation forms to their evaluators
  • If necessary, send the timer a copy of the timer’s sheet
  • Ensure members and guests are set up and assist as needed
  • Announce if the meeting is being recorded and where to find that recording
  • Reminder to silence phones (as usual)
  • Remind people to mute their microphones when not speaking (lower left corner of Zoom screen)
  • Share the agenda via ‘share screen’

After that, just have a fun with your meeting and don’t stress about the technical difficulties. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert at online meetings!