Candidates for District Leadership 2021-22

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District Director  Mimi Vanderheide, DTM,  a Toastmaster since 2004, current Program Quality Director, past Club Growth Director, past Division Director, Division Director of the Year.

Program Quality Director Lily Laverton, DTM, a Toastmaster since 2015, current Club Growth Director, past Area and Division Director, Pathways Guide. Division and Area Director of the Year. 

Club Grow Director Candidates – To Be Nominated from the floor of the District Council Business Meeting.

Division B Nikoletta Stamatatou, PM4, a Toastmasters since 2019, current area director and member of Cloverleaf Toastmasters and Pacific Spirit Toastmasters.

Division D Pam Muir, EC4, a Toastmaster since 2018, current area director for areas D41 and D42, a member of Cariboo Club and Community North Advanced Toastmasters.

Division H Johanna Rzepa DTM, a Toastmaster since 2012, past area director and currently new Club Mentor support. A current member of Beachcombers Advanced Toastmasters. 

Division J Tonya Scantlebury, EC4, a toastmaster since 2017, a current area director. Currently a member of Metro Speakers Club.

Division M Charito Kaay, EC4, a Toastmasters since 2019, a current area director. Currently a member of Community Impact Speakers, Advanced Aurators and Declarations Toastmasters.

Division N Paul Rostagno DTM, VC4, a Toastmaster since 2004, past area director. Currently a member of Cloverleaf Toastmasters

Division S Helder Lima da Rocha TC4, a Toastmaster since 2019, current area director and member of the District PR Team. A current member of Cloverleaf Toastmasters.