Pathways Level 1 Updated October 2021

Pathways Level 1 has been updated as of October 27, 2021.   Any path purchased after the 27th will have the updates. Paths purchased before October 27th will retain the original projects. 

VPE Alert - if you are helping a new member their Level 1 may not look like yours!  Here is a heads up for a few of the changes.  Note the  new projects "Writing a Speech with Purpose" and "Introduction to Vocal Variety and Body Language", and the "Researching and Presenting" project has become an elective at Level 3.


What the new Level 1 looks like

Level 1 Projects


Updated project navigation

There is starting screen that explains what is coming, and a final screen to confirm that everything in the project has been done (that final assessment that many people missed doing) before the project can be considered complete.  This new project navigation is ONLY in the new level one projects (and the updated Research and Presenting projects), NOT the projects in the other levels.  Be prepared for a new member to be a little shocked when they open the "old" Level 2 projects.

Before Moving on


Ice Breaker

The Ice Breaker remains the traditional Ice Breaker, with some additional emphasis on introducing the evaluation process.  Take note - the "Break the Ice" project on the TI website has not been updated to this new format as of October 29th.

Writing a Speech with Purpose

Introduces fundamentals of creating a speech.  The speech for this project has two additional evaluation criteria: 

  • Specific Speech Purpose: The specific purpose was clear and supported by the speech style and organization
  • General Speech Purpose: The speech effectively met the expressed general purpose


Introduction to Vocal Variety and Body Language

The purpose of this project is for the member to practice using vocal variety or body language to enhance a speech. The member may choose to practice only one of these skills, and so the evaluation form may be different depending on the skill being practiced.

Evaluation and Feedback

This project has the same components, two speeches and a speech evaluation, as before the update. The final screen makes it clearer on what needs to be done before project completion.

Evaluation and Feedback Completion

Researching and Presenting

The Researching and Presenting project appears in the Level 3 Electives of the paths purchased after October 27th, 2021.  The project in Level 3 has the updated project interface. 


More Information

Toastmasters International sent members an email on October 27th, 2021 announcing this change, including a link to the Toastmaster magazine article with more information:


And there is an excellent summary of changes, and other information about Pathways, here: