D96 SPOTLIGHT - August 2023

Carole Murphy, DTM, ADA12, Parliamentarian & TLI/COT Coordinator 2023-2024.
By Melody Helleouet, District 96 Public Relations Manager 2023-2024 Newsletter Initiative
D96 SPOTLIGHT - August 2023 Cover Pic

For the of August 2023, our D96 SPOTLIGHT focuses on Carole Murphy, DTM, ADA12, Parliamentarian & TLI/COT Coordinator 2023-2024.

With decades worth of valuable Toastmasters experience, Carole has been a force of nature within District 96 in more ways than one can count. Not only has she been an active member of several clubs, she has also helped to charter new clubs along the way.

Through her various leadership roles within the district, Carole’s positive influence within the Toastmasters community is felt by us all. Whether you are planning for a contest, need guidance around how to navigate through governance and TI rules, or simply need a sounding board around how to achieve ultimate success for your club or your own personal journey, Carole is the shining example of what amazing mentorship looks like within our District.

We thank you for all of your great work and service within District 96 Carole, hear-hear!


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