7/7 Club Officer Roles Challenge

The result of getting all 7 club officer roles trained = Something Invaluable + $75 gift certificate to spend at the TI store.
{NOTE: The '7/7 Club Officer Roles Challenge' applies to each of the two training periods (June-August and December-February). So....if your club has ALL (7 out of 7) club officer roles trained in each of the two training periods your club will receive $150 (two $75 gift certificates)}

Something Invaluable = a club that is thriving and providing the kind of Toastmasters Experience that we all signed up to have.

A quick look at clubs in our district -- http://dashboards.toastmasters.org/district.aspx -- shows a direct relationship between the number or club officers trained and the overall success of the club.

Struggling clubs - have none or just a couple club officer's trained.

Thriving clubs - that reach Presidents Distinguished status - have all 7 club officers trained!!

So! Ask yourself "How can I help my club thrive?"

If you are a club officer then get well trained for your role at one of the training sessions being offered throughout July and August. See the bottom of this page http://district96.ca/ for dates and locations.

If you are a club member who wants to be in a thriving club then ask your club executives if they have been to training. If the answer is NO then encourage them to attend because you want the club to be well run and thriving throughout the year!

Oh yes......on top of the Something Invaluable.....your club will receive a $75 gift certificate to spend at the TI store if all 7 of your club officers attend training

This Challenge is active during the two Club Officer training periods (from June 1st to August 31st and from December 1st to February 28th)

Thank you EVERYONE for your commitment to your club's success for the coming year!