Gavel Club Experience

Geoff Speaking

The Vancouver Gavel Clubs are Youth public speaking and leadership clubs organized by Toastmasters members. The Gavel Club members are Youth ages 12 to 17.

As a long time member of Vancouver Toastmasters Club #59, I regularly give guest speeches and mentorship for the Gavel Clubs in Vancouver, along with many other volunteers from local Toastmasters clubs.

I am always impressed by the speaking skills and enthusiasm of the youth members and I think this is a very valuable program for them to gain leadership skills, confidence, and practice their speaking and presentation skills.

This week, I gave a guest speech at the UBC Wesbrook Mall Gavel Club. A recording and transcript of my speech is below:

Introduction to Web Page Coding, Publishing, and Hosting - Gavel Club guest speech by Geoff Peters

For more information about Youth Public Speaking and Leadership, please visit the Vancouver Gavel club websites below:
Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program - Vancouver Toastmasters Club (#59)


Vancouver Gavel Club

If you are a Toastmaster who is interested in becoming a mentor for the Gavel Club youth, please reach out to Annie Wang at