July 2021 TLI Chat Transcript Highlights

So, you missed the TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) and are wondering what you missed... check out these highlights from the morning CHAT.  Questions, answers, sharing, learning.  Some was in chat, but mostly it was in the discussions and presentations held live on zoom.   Only one way to not miss out again in August.


08:18:09   *** CUE the MUSIC ***  

    Hello to Darryle! Our Region 1 Advisor this year! Welcome to D96!
08:25:02 From  RA1 Darryle Brown  to  Everyone:
    Good morning District 96!
    Here's our District background for those who'd like to use it!

08:45:56 From  D96 Admin Manager - Tim Chui  to  Everyone:
    Hi everyone, should you have any questions during the panel discussion, please feel free to type them into the chat! We’ll address them in the Q+A.
    We had 11 new members this year.... all of them had a TT at their first meeting... train TT Mast to ask simple general questions.
08:55:13 From  Tara Leduc, Douglas TM, VP Membership  to  Everyone:
    wow Joanne, that's fantastic!! also bold, ha
    Most email servers allow automatic responses which gives a potential guest the info they need and a 'real' person the opportunity to still get back to them later. Friendly templated emails can be amazing!
09:04:57 From  Panel - Melody Helleouet (D96) Golden Speakers - President  to  Everyone:
    Yes VP PR 3 years started after 4 months of joining Toastmasters, turned out to be a passion for me! We still did a formal vote in each year to keep me in the role and made it open to others incoming but, as we achieved President’s Distinguished coincidentally for the same 3 years in a row it was an easy decision for the club to keep me doing what I was doing, haha. I also expressed that I was still enjoying it and was still actively gaining the learning and development I was looking to get out of it the role.
    Do your clubs have position emails or do people use personal emails for executive roles?
    How can our advanced club have more members? Since Covid19 we haven't been able to attract any new members.

09:09:44 From  Tara Leduc, Douglas TM, VP Membership  to  Everyone:
    Celine,  personally I'd promote your club in the big District 96 fb group.  talk about WHY a member would want to join an advanced club. benefits!!
    I get push back about phoning guests.... good to hear your successes with phoning... it is more personal and can be unusual in a lot of organizations. Voices convey emotion better than other methods.
09:11:06 From  Tara Leduc, Douglas TM, VP Membership  to  Everyone:
    Joanne, that can go either way. we may start a conversation via email or text, and then I'll offer a conversation via phone.  it's easier and more efficient.
...    @Tara - this is the key! Many clubs are doing the same techniques but not getting the same results. It will ALWAYS come down to mindset/attitude!
09:15:23 From  Tara Leduc, Douglas TM, VP Membership  to  Everyone:
    oooh thanks for that reminder of RATINGS on Google maps. I think I'll go drive my club a bit nuts getting that happening   ;)
09:16:21 From  Tu Long - District 96 PRM  to  Everyone:
    Google for Business is a great platform to collect reviews from members and guests and it helps for Search Engine Optimization as well.
09:16:27 From  D96 DD Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    Claim your Club as a 'business' on Google here: https://www.google.com/intl/en_ca/business/
09:22:50 From  D96 DD Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    To do other social media pages/groups/Google reviews/banking etc, your Club needs a dedicated email address. REMEMBER - especially for community Clubs, when conducting Toastmasters business/responses, your personal email must not have your personal business/work information in the signature line.
09:26:19 From  Vincent Li/Community Impact/D96  to  Everyone:
    How does your club SUSTAIN the growth and/or member involvement? I've seen where new members may either drop off or old members got "too busy" to contine

    how to do a joint meeting?

    Agree interclub meetings and joint meetings works
    I'd like to hear more about use of WhatApp

09:26:41 From  Tara Leduc, Douglas TM, VP Membership  to  Everyone:
    Douglas uses WhatsApp a lot. we have a chat group for all club members , for meeting links, signing up for meeting roles, etc. it's also a good place for past members to stay connected,  so they can rejoin when their schedules allow.      we have a second WhatsApp chat for the executive team, just for that biz.      I also like to use a direct reach out via whatsapp. I used this to get 3 former members to come back at end of June

*** NOTE the District offers SLACK (similar to whatsapp) for your club, and with the district ***

...    Joint works for community and cooperation clubs

    We did a Table Topics Olympics contest joint event with another club, we also did a debate night!

    btw, you can see that the chat in zoom can be highly effective during meetings!! yes, I do this every week during our meetings   :)
09:27:34 From  Panel - Melody Helleouet (D96) Golden Speakers - President  to  Everyone:
    If you are interested in doing a joint meeting this year, contact us at goldenspeakersTM@gmail.com please!
09:28:52 From  Panel - Melody Helleouet (D96) Golden Speakers - President  to  Everyone:
    “Banner Raid” meetings are also great :)
    Create a login for WhatsApp here: https://www.google.com/intl/en_ca/business/   Then find contacts who also have a WhatsApp account. You will be able to create a GROUP with your Club members/Exec members for conversing easily on all things Toastmasters!
09:29:14 From  Tara Leduc, Douglas TM, VP Membership  to  Everyone:
    we've had former members join as guests from Korea!!! and I just helped her form a new club IN Korea. zoom can be fantastic for this
    Exit interviews really help understand WHY they left and may give insight on how and when to keep in touch
09:29:58 From  Tara Leduc, Douglas TM, VP Membership  to  Everyone:
    @melody, we did that in New West once. was super fun stealing their banner!!!
    So is this information for guests on the club website or somewhere else?
    we have club info all over, but especially on the meetup
09:35:28 From  Panel - Parag Khare - Parakeets - AD J87, IPP  to  Everyone:
    Please reach out to parag.khare@telus.com for any joint meetings with the TELUS Parakeets Toastmasters Club ...
09:35:45 From  Panel - Melody Helleouet (D96) Golden Speakers - President  to  Everyone:
    Come at us for a banner raid. I’m serious haha. With all of our new members, I want to show them what this is all about. Please email us at goldenspeakersTM@gmail.com. Plus it will be fun to get our banner back from YOU! :)
09:36:12 From  Tara Leduc, Douglas TM, VP Membership  to  Everyone:
    @lili, we did a joint meeting with Langara (Another college club) . tool a little organizing to have both clubs signed up for roles, but was super fun. we needed an extra 10 min for a round of  introductions.    happy to talk to you more
09:36:37 From  Warren B-CGD  to  Everyone:
    Williams Lake is Holding Quesnel's banner lol
09:36:44 From  Dan City of the Arts 96  to  Everyone:
    This is my third training this year - each one seems quite different - lots of new info each meeting
09:39:41 From  Vincent Li/Community Impact/D96  to  Everyone:
    Formal joint meeting it is best to have one being the "host" club to provide the zoom link or meeting locale, and you should exchange minimum 1 speaker and 1 evaluator. Host club can provide Chair, Timer and Table Topics Evaluator. Guest club provides Table Topics Master, General Evaluator and Inspirator/Jokemaster. Idea is to share the main host & evaluation duties & exchange ideas while gaining energy with more members at a meeting.
09:39:59 From  Tara Leduc, Douglas TM, VP Membership  to  Everyone:
    we have a role for funmaster.... it's an icebreaker game. everyone has a chance to participate.
09:40:45 From  D96 Joanne Morrison C322  to  Everyone:
    In person meetings allow for the fun of "Banner Raid"  5 of our members attend another meeting an "steal" their banner.. They have to bring 5 of their members to our meeting.... bonus we get to experience another club's meeting... and learn from how they do things
    @joanne, Douglas might do an online banner raid.... when is your meeting?
09:43:09 From  Tara Leduc, Douglas TM, VP Membership  to  Everyone:
    anyone wanna challenge Douglas??!! we meet at 5 pm Tuesday.  we'd be delighted to have you steal the banner from The Best Club In The World!!   #gaunletdropped
09:43:31 From  D96 Joanne Morrison C322  to  Everyone:
    We are handicapped right now.. waiting for a banner with our new name... and we start in person meetings September 7th
    Sept 7th at Silver Harbour Seniors center North Vancouver.   Yes better name.. more guests.
    We were Speakerhub TM.. now North Vancouver TM.. same number... fiddly to fix everything.. but lots more guests
09:45:22 From  Janice - Sunshine Toastmasters D96  to  Everyone:
    Hi all - I'm thinking of harvesting some of your great comments in chat to share in the district newsletter. Let me know if you DON'T want your club or name mentioned :)
10:02:26 From  D96 DD Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    Please add your events to our D96 website calendar too!
10:03:57 From  Lili-d96-Speakeasy  to  Everyone:
    @mimi, How to add events to D96 calendar? where to submit the event details?
10:04:43 From  D96 DD Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    @Lili & others - 1. create a login to our website if you don't already have one (www.d96toastmasters.ca)
    #2 - login, go to Events, Calendar and press Submit Event
    When we share a video presentation of still photos of members and former members, do we need their permission, even if we post to D96 YouTube channel?
10:10:19 From  D96 DD Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    @Merrilee - when taking photos and videos at your Clubs, please get people's permission then so they have opportunity to 'hide' or remove themselves from the photo/video. Then you know you can post without harm.
10:30:28 From  Lily Laverton - PQD  to  Everyone:
    We will share the FB presentation and Hybrid presentation out afterwards to everyone that registered for this event.
10:31:26 From  D21 KOA_Celine Ahodekon  to  Everyone:
    Any advanced clubs out there, please  contact me for interclub meetings at ahodekonc@hotmail.com  thanks
    Is there a yearly Facebook ad cost?
10:34:02 From  Yuriria Lanza, ISAT, D96  to  Everyone:
    @D21 KOA_Celine Ahoken, ISAT is planning that. Feel free to contact me at yuriria_tm@shaw.ca

    @tu, in your experience, how was the efficacy of FB ad, in term of how many guests in and the money spend.
    @tu Question: Should we tell the ad audience what makes the club unique? Just curious as uniqueness wasn’t mentioned as a factor for advertisement.
    Is a target audience different from a Facebook page
    Questioins: Our audience is people who have speaking skills already and would like to improve it. Another audience is business people - Can we still use FB?
    interested as well on Tu Long and how to write a compelling Facebook ad,
10:53:44 From  Tu Long - District 96 PRM  to  Everyone:
    @Venice: Absolutely, please feel free t email me any questions you might have. For the FB ad copywriting, if we have enough people are interested in the training, we will arrange the training session and invite you as well.
10:55:17 From  Tu Long - District 96 PRM  to  Everyone:
    @D96 Joanne Morrison C322: Facebook ad costs is not a yearly cost, it's a daily cost. And it depends on how much you want to spend. Start small like $5/day and if the result is great, then you can increase to $10-100/day if your budget allows.
10:55:18 From  Janice - Sunshine Toastmasters D96  to  Everyone:
    Check out the district youtube channel  - last year we ran marketing workshops - "your voice to millions" - in particular the session on creating the target audience.   https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyOChIA-vIfVUVsTY208yPdL8bGVDOiw3...


11:07:32 From  RA1 Darryle Brown  to  Everyone:
    That's wonderful that your district has a hybrid committee. Great model and very relevant for these times!
11:09:24 From  D96 DD Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    @Darryle - it seemed pertinent! For those who don't know, Darryle is joining us from Denver, CO as our current Region 1 Advisor. If you even wondered how Toastmasters is organized, check here https://toastmasterscdn.azureedge.net/medias/files/department-documents/district-documents/region-and-district-maps.pdf
11:10:43 From  Lily Laverton - PQD  to  Everyone:
    Yes @RA1 Darryle, we are so  fortunate to have amazing  folks in District 96!  The hybrid committee is an OUTSTANDING TEAM!
    The PowerPoint will be shared. Unfortunately, the session is not being recorded.
...    @nicole Let's record it from the beginning and post it on YouTube. We can set this up again. 3x the charm.
11:16:28 From  D96 Nicole Holas SYM  to  Everyone:
    @Lily - Sounds great! Let's definitely record this for everyone.
...    We will be sharing this presentation to everyone that registered for this event.
...    https://www.toastmasters.org/shop/members/home-and-office/6956--USB-Webcam-and-Microphone
11:21:28 From  Tim Barrington - Glenlyon D96  to  Everyone:
11:25:21 From  RA1 Darryle Brown  to  Everyone:
    Well done, Hybrid Committee!
...11:36:15 From  D96 DD Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    Defining what 'hybrid' means to your Club is an important step? Every meeting? One or 2  meetings a month are hybrid while the other 1-2 are in person only? You'll need 1-2 people who know how to set up the equipment (big or small) so some tech education at your Club will be beneficial.
...    I mean we don’t have a permanent space
    I'd like to know about the greenscreen Ray has
    @ Gillian. We did when the college was in session. We used the same room each week
    Shaw has broad coverage in the lower mainland
    For those who have already tried it, how easy it is to have an outdoor hybrid meeting in Summer?
    Question:  Doug / Nicole, did you have to increase membership fee in order to meet the cost of getting these new resources?
    We are also planning a hybrid outdoor meeting at Coastmasters on Thursday night.  Any tips for dealing with the outdoor situation?
    Some people don't have enough band width to use a background... If they stand back from their laptop we cannot hear them.. What to do.
...    There are some problems with sound.
...    Use a cell phone at the same time?
    you need a headset with microphone or a microphone if you are stepping back.
    In person, have one camera facing audience(?) but main camera facing lecturn.
11:45:41 From  D96 DD Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    If you're interested in us hosting a Zoom Master Training, please let the Hybrid Committee know that too!
    For those that are wondering. Zoom mastering is not as complicated as it looks :)
...    another big concern is the wind blowing against the microphone...
...    if we don't get to your question we will get a record of chat and get back to you or put it on the D96 site
11:52:41 From  Lily Laverton - PQD  to  Everyone:
    Presentation will be sent to everyone after the session


11:53:51 From  D96 DD Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    Find our newsletters here: https://d96toastmasters.ca/news
12:29:18 From  Lily Laverton - PQD  to  Everyone:
    Reminder for those who were here in the morning please fill in the evalution form so everyone can improve. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Mob0VPM4scRolH0MI1DzWetcGCMMulOQaVlcSTPq4WM/edit
12:43:01 From  D96 DD Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    Toastmasters Convention is coming in August! https://www.toastmasters.org/events/2021-international-convention
12:48:28 From  VPM Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    Moments of Truth Resources: https://www.toastmasters.org/Resources/Moments-of-Truth
12:49:40 From  VPM Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    All things District 96! https://d96toastmasters.ca/news
12:53:17 From  VPM Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    Be Aware! A Mystery Shopper will be contacting your Club in August/September using the Club Contact! Prizes to be given out!
12:53:33 From  D96 Admin Manager - Tim Chui  to  Everyone:
    Create your own free login to Eventbrite and follow our D96 Toastmasters page...you'll get an email whenever an event is posted!
12:58:39 From  .SAA Trainer Ray Miller  to  Everyone:
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiEvR71oEv5nUKLj2158ipA
    Janice.  That was a lovely presentation on PR.  I would love to learn all these things.  Will it be ok to get in touch with you directly.  of course:  jprknsn@gmail.com

...    substack is a new platform with a subscription option and is becoming very useful for people wanting to have a channel for their newsletter. the company is young and uses new advertising methods based on authenticity and sharing, for building community. it is a great platform to investigate for newsletters..and can be very lucrative if appealing..:) just a thought..
13:00:25 From  Janice - D96 Newsletter Editor  to  Everyone:
    https://d96toastmasters.ca/news     - click on "read more" for the newsletter and then click on the pdf link
    clubhouse is a new platform challenging meet up and has some advantages for live and prerecorded events and sharing..worth a look..:) it is the social media platform clubhouse, not the other clubhouse apps, as there is a few..make sure you get the right one to investigate :)
13:00:45 From  VPM Mimi Vanderheide  to  Everyone:
    Shout to the Area and Division Directors in attendance! Thank you!