Incentives - Find out about 13-13-13

7/7 Club Officer Trained Incentive


Every club that has all seven club officers trained (June-Aug and Dec-Feb) will receive $75 USD gift certificate to spend at the Toastmasters International store for each of the Club Officer Training (COT) periods.



There is a direct relationship between the number of club officers trained and the overall success of the club.

  • Struggling clubs - have none or just a couple club officers trained.
  • Thriving clubs - that reach President’s Distinguished Club status - have all 7 club officers trained!



If you are a club officer, get well trained for your role at one of the upcoming Club Officer Trainings.

See the calendar of events for upcoming COT at or contact your Area Director.



This Challenge is active during the two COT training periods: and from December 1/2018 - February 28/2019 and in the upcoming year, from June 1/2019 - August 31/2019.     



  • Review the upcoming Calendar of Events, select the COT you wish to attend, and register.
  • Attend the COT and be sure to sign the attendance sheet for your club role.
  • Attendance is then tracked with Toastmasters International on Leadership Central by Gonul Guvenc, District 96 Administration Manager.
  • She will mail your $75 USD gift certificates to your Club President, once all 7 club officer roles (President, VP Education, VP Membership, VP Public Relations, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms) have completed training during each of the COT periods (June-Aug and Dec-Feb).
  • Club Officers can attend any COT in the world. This means you can attend COT from another division or even another district.


Type:                     This is a District incentive.


Contact:               Gonul Guvenc, 604 375 5846,






Talk Up Toastmasters


Add five new, dual or reinstated members with a join date between February 1 and March 31, and you’ll receive a special "Talk up Toastmasters" ribbon to display on your club’s banner. Qualifying clubs can also earn a special discount code for 10-percent off their next club order at the Toastmasters International store.



Toastmasters love to connect, so take advantage of it. The "Talk Up Toastmasters" membership program is the chance to encourage your members to invite guests to a special meeting, where prospective members can learn about Toastmasters' many benefits.


How?                    Host a special event to talk up Toastmasters, then sign up 5+ members to your club.


When?             February 1/2019 – March 31/2019



  • Applications and payments for members with a join date between February 1 and March 31 must be received at World Headquarters or online no later than March 31. The addition of transfer and charter members does not count towards “Talk Up Toastmasters” credit.
  • The Talk Up Toastmasters award is automatically determined by Toastmasters International. You will receive a ribbon and the discount code, mailed directly from World Headquarters in Colorado.
  • The winning clubs will be revealed online within a few weeks of the submission deadline.
  • Winning clubs should allow up to 21 business days to receive their award from Toastmasters International.
  • The discount code expires six months from the date of issue and is not valid with any other offer and must be used on your club’s next order at the Toastmasters International store.


Type:                     This is a Toastmasters International incentive.


Contact:               Gonul Guvenc, 604 375 5846,




Club Success Plan


Create your Club Success Plan by December 31, 2018 – and receive $50 USD gift certificate from the Toastmasters store to spend for your club.



The Club Success Plan is one of the most important tools to bring your club executive together as a team and to ensure your club’s success.



Your plan can be a simple three-page plan that addresses how you will achieve your Distinguished Club Program (DCP) points, outlining who is responsible and in what timeline along with your agreed “rules of engagement” within the club executive. For assistance with your Club Success Plan, contact your Area Director or work with your Club Coach.


When?             By December 31, 2018.



  • Read the Distinguished Club Program/Club Success Plan book (click link here).
  • Complete your Club Success plan as a club executive team.
  • Submit your club success plan, signed by all executives, to your Area Director by Sept 30, 2019 and copy in the Administration Manager.
  • The Administration Manager will forward your Club Success Plan to your Division Director, the District 96 Quartet (District 96 Director, the District 96 Program Quality Director, the District 96 Club Growth Director and District 96 Public Relations Manager).
  • Clubs will receive either a $50 CAD pizza voucher OR a $50 USD Toastmasters Store Gift Certificate.


Type:                     This is a District 96 incentive.


Contact:               Contact your Area Director or consult with your Club Coach.

                                Send the Club Success Plan to: Gonul Guvenc, 604 375 5846,




Lucky 13



Why?                    Clubs need to have at least 20 members in order to have a good member experience.

To encourage club growth and to give deserving members the chance to see the “bigger picture” at the conference – this promotion is designed to improve both club growth and program quality at your club.


How?                    Clubs 20+: sign up 13 more members by March 13, 2019.

                                Club less than 20: prorated number see (B) below.

Club < 12 with a coach: sign up 7 more members by March 13, 2019.


When?             November 13, 2018 to March 13, 2019


Process:               Get 13 members from Nov 13/2018 to March 13/2019 – and your club will receive two

full registrations to the District 96 Annual Conference AND $50 reimbursement with receipts for an Open House to celebrate.


    1. Clubs that have a coach will need to enrol 7 new members, and will get 3 tickets and $50 reimbursements with receipts for an open house
    2. If your club has less than 20 members, divide the number of members on Nov 13 by 20 and multiply by 13. This will give you the number required to achieve the incentive: 2 Tickets and $50 reimbursements with receipts for an open house.
    3. Clubs that refer a guest to another club where that guest becomes a member, will count as if two new members joined the club that has sent the referral. It will require an email from the club receiving the guest, that it was for an invitation to participate in its club, given by the other club

The District Leadership team will track the incentive. Contact Gonul Guvenc for details.


Type:                     This is a Toastmasters District 96 incentive.


Contact:               Gonul Guvenc, 604 375 5846,