June Open House Month

WHY? Lots of reasons

  • Fun
  • New members
  • Celebration
  • Put your club on a solid footing for next term
  • Win the Beat the Clock contest
  • Take part in the District incentive(up to $50 reimbursement for food)


  • Lunch Hot dog/bake sale
  • Anniversary meeting
  • Outdoor meeting
  • Only guests
  • Be a part of a local Fair
  • Invited Speaker



Toastmasters website - https://www.toastmasters.org/ use the search function

Google Toastmasters Open House ideas for lots of ides.

Additional Club Open House Information

Helpful information from Toastmasters International – “How to Host An Open House”
Additional information from Toastmasters International – “From Paltry to Plenty”
Guest card

Meeting Invitation
Flyers from Toastmasters International – specifically designed for Open Houses
Presentations from Toastmasters International – specifically designed for Open Houses

Member Application - https://www.toastmasters.org/resources/membership-application-for-clubs-english
Features, Benefits and Value Chart
7 Tips for keeping club members
Attract, recruit, and retain members
Five Things
Free Stuff from Toastmasters International
Gain and retain members
Turn guests into members
Even more membership building ideas
Member Survey

The Benefits of Toastmasters Membership *updated 3/2019

Welcome Letter for guest packet*updated 9/21/17



  • Put on a good show
  • Advertise
  • Be prepared and on time
  • Food is good
  • Have a great speaker or an average speaker with a great evaluator or both
  • Speech’s and/or table topics to include talking up Toastmasters
  • Have a guest package ready with an application form
  • Keep contact info
  • Follow up