Make Your Votes Count - Assigning Proxies Matters

President and VPEd - Make sure you assign your votes to members who will be at the Spring Conference Business Meeting. 

Here are the rules concerning the number of votes a member can carry to the business meeting.

  • Each Area/Division Director and member of the executive team is allowed to have one vote at the business meeting. However, this does not form part of the quorum for the business meeting.
  • Each Club is allowed two votes (normally President and VP of Education). These are the votes that matter with regard to the quorum. For example if there are a 144 eligible clubs on the day of the conference that equals 288 votes. A quorum is represented by 1/3 plus 1 to establish a quorum for the business meeting. That would be 96 plus 1 or 97 votes would have to be present to conduct all pertinent business at the business meeting.
  • It is vitally important that everybody understand that the maximum number of votes any member can carry is 3. That does not mean a member of a club can carry 3 votes but it does mean area, division or executive members can carry their own vote plus 2 others.

Credentials Form / Information

Please fill out the form below OR fill in the PDF form found here and email the completed form to the Credentials Chair.

Please note: if neither proxy holder (President or VP Education) can attend the District 96 Spring Conference business meeting, they can assign their proxy to either a specific member or ANY member of the club to be the proxy holder. In either case, the credentials chair needs to receive permission from the proxy holder(s) in order to allow another member (specified or otherwise) from the club to hold the proxy.

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