You never know where it will take you.


Opportunity. You never know where it will take you.

If you have been looking for a way to show off your skills, practice your skills or stretch your self and learn new skills, I would like to tell you about some opportunities.

District 96 will soon be launching a new newsletter for the district and we will be looking for submissions about lots of Toastmaster related news. Stories about your club, stories about your members, education articles, tips for individual success as well as club success.

A newsletter for each club or area would give many members the opportunity to try out their skills. If you would like to try out editing a newsletter lets talk.

Want to be a hero at your club?. Meetup can be a very effective tool for attracting new members-Ask me how your club and the whole District can benefit- If you have experience with Meetup I would love to have you share your expertise.

The District plans are to increase the use of Facebook, Instagram, Meetup, LinkedIn as well as have the best Toastmasters website in the world. You can get in on the opportunities to show off your skills in the following areas- Blogging, Podcasting, Webinars, Photographer, Reporter, Website mentor, Facebook mentor, LinkedIn mentor, Instagram mentor, Videographer, Technical writer and anything you can imagine using your Toastmaster skills for.  

As District 96 Public Relations Manager my motto for the year is “Help Clubs Help Themselves”. I want to increase engagement at the club level as well as between clubs, areas, divisions and the District. I am hoping that a member at each club will provide a meeting recap for those who missed the meeting, and then in turn share some of the notable meetings with others in the District and pretty soon the club will have a blog and so on. I hope every club will see the benefit in having a Website that is up to date with relevant content, and the club member who does that will become a Webmaster and maybe take that skill to new heights. If you have an interest in social media you can use it to great effect at your club and also cast a very wide net to show case your skills.

To quote a past International President, Mike Storkey “just say yes, you never know where it will take you”.

I hope to meet you in person at one of the District events or perhaps at your club.

You can get hold of me anytime at or 778-389-9996

Neil Booth

District 96  Public Relations Manager